You're a smart, ambitious business owner whose business is growing and you need to get some expert eyes on it, fast. I'm Rachel Flower - commercial lawyer, growth strategist, entrepreneur and owner of niche consultancy business, strategic mentor to change makers.

I'm the secret weapon you've been looking for and my power sessions are designed to get you a sharp and objective shot of commercial strategy and legal know-how.

Let's get together, dig deep & get you the clarity you need to power up. 



You've got revenue coming in, demand for your offerings, lots of ideas on expansion. Awesome, right? Yet....behind closed doors you're overwhelmed and constantly running in a hamster wheel of busy-ness. Perhaps you feel:

  •  Trapped "doing the do" day in, day out?
  • Frustrated to be working more hours than when in your 9-5, for less reward?
  • Unsure whether you're saying "yes" to the right things
  • Freaking out about all the things you're "meant" to be doing but haven't got time for
  • Out of your depth in commercial conversations and fearful of  being tripped up by "all the stuff I don't know"

Time for outside help (which is where I come in.) 

Meet Rachel

(aka secret weapon for growth)


I'm a qualified commercial lawyer turned business coach with a specialism in growth strategy. I spent 7 years practising law in a large international firm, before being head hunted for a 5 year stint as Commercial Director in a FTSE100 company where I managed major contracts over £500m in value. I took the leap into entrepreneurship 8 years ago with my own niche consultancy business supporting small businesses with their contracts, procurement, IP assets, commercial strategies & dispute resolution.

In my time I've negotiated hundreds of deals for businesses & seen the good bad and the ugly about how to grow (and how not to grow!) successful businesses. There's not much I don't know about building strong foundations to scale PLUS I have hands-on knowledge of growing my own business - and all the lessons I've learnt along the way.



I've carefully designed these power sessions based on my decades of experience working with hundreds of small businesses on their commercial strategies for success. Walk away with:

  • a crystal clear business roadmap so you can drill into daily activities with gusto and power forward with purpose
  • an understanding of how to protect your brand and IP assets so you can constantly build value in your business and strengthen your core foundations 
  • a plan for creation of systems and processes, enabling outsourcing and delegation which will give you back the freedom you crave and deserve
  • those burning questions answered about commercial strategy, IP assets, financial reporting, contracts, avoiding disputes...gifting you a good night's sleep at long last
  • specific recommendations for growth, how to consolidate your current offerings and free up space to keep creating and innovating
  • a mind swept clear of indecision, overwhelm and confusion - so you feel energised and excited about your journey again.

Just £321 (inclusive of VAT) and GO.  I'm on a mission to empower and inspire business owners to get commercially-savvy and strong, and these power sessions are the fastest and quickest way. 

Frankly, if you're taking your business seriously, you can't afford not to do this right now. 


(My expert eyes + your brilliant business plan = CLARITY & INSPIRED ACTION)


First, you'll access my Commercial Healthcheck online, which probes all the important indicators of success in a growing business. Your core products/services, key customers & suppliers, corporate set-up, contractual relations, pipeline for growth, trading foundations and expansion potential. The guidance videos ensure you're thinking like a CEO as you review and critique the current state of play. I'll review & clarify any areas before we meet to dig into it together.


We meet on Zoom for an intensive 60 minute session. We'll analyse what's working well, where the sticky areas are, and what the opportunities for growth are. We'll explore the weak points of your business, and pick an area for laser coaching where we'll go deep. We'll reverse engineer the steps to get you to the next level, building in your vision, time-bound goals, revenue streams and IP assets for growth.The intensive session will be challenging but you'll be buzzing with insight and ideas which will fire you up. 


After our session, you'll also get a bespoke set of recommendations from me on implementation of strong foundations for growth and scale. You take action to build these into your current planning system. Within 2 weeks you book our 30 minute follow up call to discuss the detail and I'll answer any outstanding questions. If there's further help you need we'll devise next steps. You'll be amazed how invigorated you'll feel & ready to take inspired action.  


Oh, and did I mention this will be awesome fun? That bit's non-negotiable. I'm not your usual stuffy lawyer (far from it, actually) and whilst our time together will be jam-packed with nuggets of commercial brilliance it is also about having a great time and welcoming in all that is magical and exciting about building a business. Celebrating everything you've already achieved and getting crystal clear on the next level. Driving profit and making more impact. You came into business to make money and make a difference, so let's get on and do that, shall we?

P.S. If you've got questions before signing up to your session - or want to explore other ways we can work together such as my 1-to-1 coaching or group programmes - then you can book a complimentary call with me using the button below. I'd love to hear from you.


In just one week you can transform your business plan and get solid commercial foundations for growth.



Incl VAT

3 easy steps:

1. Complete my online Commercial Healthcheck and return it for my review.

2. We meet for our intensive 60 minute session on Zoom

3. I send you a set of bespoke recommendations specific to your business, and you book our 30 minute follow up. 

= Clarity and Action. 


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