A powerful community focused on business growth and collaboration - reimagining leadership values for the 21st century. Together.

A revolution for positive change. Empowering you to bigger, better things.

Better business, stronger relationships, doing good in the world.


Are you a business owner committed to growth?

You went into business to make a difference. To inspire others, to get freedom and flexibility in your own life, to pursue your passion.  You're driven by a desire to make positive change - and to leave a legacy.

But some days are incredibly hard. And it can get lonely. You crave a sense of belonging, to feel supported, to test ideas and get help with what's getting in your way.

You achieve best when you are surrounded by people who share your values. You'd love to be having open and truthful conversations about how you feel about your business.  And you see the value in being challenged and held accountable - by people who genuinely care about the difference you are making.

You are your greatest asset, so you have to take care of yourself first. When you feel good about your work, and who you are, then you come alive. 

And that's what The Greenhouse is all about. An online community for ambitious business owners who want to do good in the world - to support each other to lead more powerfully to the next level.

It's not another course, nor an avalanche of information telling you "what to do". 

It's a safe place to grow - at the pace that's right for you because the focus is on helping you to lead yourself. Inside the warmth of The Greenhouse you work on your business, not in your business - make space for powerful conversation, access trusted expert resources, connect to like minded others.

What could be possible for you?

Growing you -

leading your business

Running a business is like personal development on steroids. When you are going outside of your comfort zone on a daily basis, trying new things, experimenting and learning, you need to work from the inside out. Confidence, clarity, creativity. Courage at your core. Celebrating the good times. Exercising conscious choice and being intentional with your decisions. Overcoming challenges and bouncing back from adversity. Self-belief. Conviction in your actions. 

It's so hard to do it alone. So many business owners become isolated, disconnected, trying to take on everything and prove to the world that it's all under control. It's a hangover from alpha-leadership - and it leads to stress, burn-out and a lack of enthusiasm. 

The better way? Find a community to grow with. Surround yourself with people on a similar path, with experiences to share and knowledge to contribute. Grow in confidence as you show up and step up, to think broader, dream bigger, speak out. 

The Greenhouse is unlike other groups you may have been part of. It's a safe place for growth, creating the right conditions so that you can safely make space to lead yourself forward. Collaboration. Conversation. Connection.

You can share your challenges, your wins, your doubts, your ambitions - free to express your true feelings in a supportive environment - surrounded by people who are open and without judgment.

Starting March 2020, there will be a theme every month for the year ahead, based on 12 core leadership values and attributes. Practical exercises for you to reflect and embody these traits to increase your confidence and gravitas.

There will also be expert masterclasses, interviews with inspirational leaders who are "doing their thing", live group coaching opportunities, regular "coffee chat" discussions, a growing library of speakers and experts in our resource bank. This is content for you to dip in and out of as it suits - no pressure, no curriculum to keep up with. Pick and choose what inspires you and what's relevant to where you are. 


Welcome to the Greenhouse

Hi, I'm Rachel Flower and I work exclusively with leaders who want to grow. I love deep conversations, challenging perspective, simplifying complex issues so we can bring clarity and action. 

I’m a unique combination of commercial lawyer (brains and no-nonsense approach), a seasoned entrepreneur running my own business for over 10 years helping small businesses to grow (been there, done it and love sharing the lessons) and business mentor for leaders (reimagining leadership for the 21st century).

Inside The Greenhouse I'll connect you with others so we accelerate in confidence, courage and creative solutions. Together we'll support and challenge one another to grow into a more empowered leader.

It's the place I wish I'd had in my early years in business. It's the place where we will beat the odds and ensure that more small business owners are thriving and surviving because we're pooling resources and sharing our expertise and experience. 

If you crave more connection, deeper conversation, inspiring stories and trusted expert advice - this is for you. I invite you inside. To grow. 


A ripple effect of positive change

I believe that when more people lead themselves - and their businesses - with conviction, honesty and compassion and in the spirit of collaboration - then we will create a revolution of great impact and powerful change.  My mission is to start conversations and facilitate a community where that happens every single day. 

Together we'll build a community that will empower you to succeed in your personal mission to serve and help others through your business... and allow you to share your expertise and experiences with others too. The Greenhouse is an accelerator for growth, but you get to set your own rules and move forward at your own pace.

Collaboration over competition, connection over conflict, courage over comfort. 

We come together to work hard, play hard, be curious, make space for creative thinking, inspire ourselves through bigger conversations. 

Is this a place you want to be? Think warmth, light, valuing diversity and equality in all things, creating conditions conducive to growth. Conversations that matter, between people who care. 

Lead yourself in here.  




There's nothing I love more than deep and insightful conversations with people who are experts in their field. Each month I'll be bringing in a trusted expert and inviting them to share lessons in business, delving into their speciality, allowing you to listen in and be inspired and enlightened. Running a business requires you to learn so many new practical skills. How about we pool our resources and create a trusted network so we help one another and know where to go (quickly) when we need expert support. 


Each month, I talk to you about one of the 12C core values of leadership. I'll invite you to reflect on how you can embody this in your business, practical exercises to explore, opportunity to join accountability challenges to push you a little further out of your comfort zone. Infused with curiosity and emphasis on play - lifting you as a leader to focus on growth. There's no right or wrong way to join in - it's food for thought, inspiration, new perspectives. Bring your stories to the group and let's grow and learn together


There'll be masterclasses and resources made available monthly from trusted experts in my network (often Greenhouse members too). Over time we'll develop a great library of useful resources, how-to guides, cheatsheets and Q&A documents. Giving you the ability to dip in and out as and when you need, and because this is a curated community I will be ensuring that this information is trusted and up to date and helpful. No more google-searches please. As a member you can request resources and training and I'll find the right person to come inside.

Grow into a more empowered leader

Join us in the Greenhouse community to accelerate your results - and your confidence - in 2020.

Your Investment

Join The Greenhouse today for a monthly membership payment of just £60 (inclusive of VAT). This is an exclusive founding members price. 

(As a founding member you will always pay that rate, however the cost for future members will be higher.)

You are not tied in for any particular length of time - just give notice and your membership will end that month. We only want people within The Greenhouse who are truly inspired and excited to be there. No lock-in, no lengthy contracts, no ridiculous fees. No catch. Risk-free. Better business, right?

The doors close for enrolment at midnight on 21st February 2020. 

I can't wait to get this movement underway with you. 


Frequently Asked Questions

The Greenhouse is a community of like-minded business owners focussed on growth. Each month there's a theme (values-based leadership) and you get to join in trainings and conversations to inspire and support you. You're already busy so this isn't about following a curriculum or following formulas. It's a space for you to step into your CEO role, work on your business and your own leadership style, gain ideas and grow in confidence and courage. You'll know if you crave this. There's also be an online group so you can ask questions, get help and guidance, bounce ideas around. There'll be inspiration in the form of "live coffee chats", "office hours", pop up "book clubs" around the theme of leadership and growth. Above all, this is a place to build new connections with like minded business owners, and to get access to me for expert help on leadership and business growth. At a price which is a no brainer.  

The doors to The Greenhouse open in mid February 2020 for founding members. I'm looking for the perfect people to come inside for intelligent conversation, ambitious growth planning, powerful discussions. The founding price is intentionally set at a very low monthly membership (no tie in) so that if feels right for you, you can jump on in and be part of co-creating this from the outset. 

The Greenhouse will work because the right leaders want to be inside it. I ask that you commit to an initial three-month membership so that we can work together to create a safe and confidential committed space. After that, your membership can roll on a monthly basis. If at any time it no longer feels like a place you want to be, then just come and let me know. There will be new intake of members at several points through the year as we grow the community. As a founding  members your membership rate will never change. 

If you are a business owner who is wanting to give yourself the best chance of success, to protect your business from failure, to be surrounded by a powerful group of peers and a mentor you can trust then the simple answer is yes. Don't be deceived by the low price-tag on this membership. There will be an incredible amount of value delivered, and importantly you get to contribute and be part of a community which will be unlike other places online. This is about shared values, a desire to grow (personal and business growth), and to get smart answers to questions quickly and easily without wasting time and money. And if you don't like it, you get to leave. So it's a risk-free strategy. Refreshing, I know. Come inside and see for yourself. 









Grow into a more empowered leader

Join us inside the Greenhouse. Candid conversations, collaboration, connection. Make your contribution. This is our time.

What is the Greenhouse?

I explain a bit more about The Greenhouse and what you'll get out of being a part of it.



Here's a short video to share why I created The Greenhouse, what you'll get and all the benefits to you


If you've still got questions about whether this is right for you, book a call using the link below. 


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