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 I'm Rachel Flower and I work with smart, ambitious women who want to future proof the success of their growing business.

Are you ready to take big steps to grow your business, and need a strong commercial powerhouse at your side?

Perhaps things have already started happening slightly faster than you're comfortable with, so you need a legal eagle to get alongside you and take the weight off your shoulders.

Maybe you've got some deal shaping or negotiation to do and you want someone who's "been there done it" to swoop in and help you out. 

You're smart enough to know that now is NOT the time to go it alone on the legal stuff.

How would it feel to have an experienced commercial advisor on your side of the table?

I'm a business coach and legal consultant working exclusively with entrepreneurs growing an impactful business.

(You won't have arrived at this page by accident. Someone you trust must have sent you here or recommended me - as a solution to a specific challenge you face right now).

Many of the "next big steps" in business growth require the expert eyes of a business lawyer, yet too many entrepreneurs get overwhelmed by the cost, complexity and complication of finding and hiring someone suitable.

And when you're a heart-centred change-maker, you don't need just any old lawyer. You need someone who's just as passionate about change as you are, ready to roll her sleeves up and do the right thing to move you to the next level. 



(Well - that depends what you need...)

Bespoke service 

My RIGHT HAND WOMAN service is tailored to your specific needs. You may need me to:

  • negotiate a high value contract on your behalf with a partner, supplier or customer;
  • review an important contract - asking the right questions to ensure you've protected yourself on delivery, price and risk;
  • beef up your customer terms and conditions to ensure the scope of your products and services are fully covered and your customers and clients have clear boundaries and expectations from day one;
  • assist you as you take on associates, consultants, freelance workers, employees or partners/affiliates and put contracts in place to protect you;
  • provide an IP audit to look at the value of your existing intellectual property, make sure it's protected and provide recommendations on how best to grow the value and exploit it as an asset;
  • review a lease on your new office premises;
  • check contracts on your behalf giving you a straightforward summary of the key clauses and my recommendations for how to renegotiate or mitigate any risks;
  • produce a Commercial Strategy to empower you to scale up, focussing on all the right things and getting rid of the activities which are draining your energy and blocking your profitability & asset-value;
  • cast my legal eyes over a bid or tender to give you the best possible chance of success and profitability. 

Expert advice that gets you:

  • Strong contracts and processes to protect against a myriad of problems which can arise in business.
  • Proactive support to identify risks and roadmap the route to the next stage.
  • The benefit of my years of legal and commercial expertise & my "been there, done it" experience (shortcut through the maze, anyone?)
  • Fun, empathy, collaboration & a trusted advisor who loves to engender positive change in the world. 
  • More sleep at night knowing you're covering yourself,
  • More time to concentrate on the bits of your business you love and where you are needed for expansion. 



I'm Rachel, business coach and legal consultant. You can visit my websites and for more about what I do in the world.

For many years, I worked as a commercial lawyer for a large international law firm. Most of my clients were big name PLCs and fast growth SMEs, companies with big ambitions and big budgets to afford our expert legal support.

Often, I sat across the negotiation table from small business owners - without a heavyweight lawyer to advise them - and of course my client would get the contract of their dreams and the other side had to either sign up or simply walk away.

I learnt vast amounts practising law, but my heart wanted to get closer into business and give commercially focussed advice. In 2006 I took on a Commercial Director role for a FTSE100 company, managing teams, budgets, major contracts and delivering change. I loved it but the time came for me to start a family, and I craved flexibility to do my thing on my own terms.

So in 2009, I took the leap into entrepreneurship and set up my niche legal consultancy Serenwood. On a mission to bring jargon free and practical legal support to small businesses, my team and I have helped hundreds of businesses to grow on strong foundations - proudly disrupting a very traditional legal industry. 

These days, I personally spend most of my time coaching and running my group programmes teaching business growth. I'm passionate about aligning strategy with action, and creating connection and collaboration between women in business. To grow together. 

And each year I take on a small number of powerful business owner clients for my Right Hand Woman service. 

It's where I sit alongside powerful business owners to take on the nasty bits of legal work which are keeping you awake at night. The things you know you need to do to grow and protect your business, but they fill you with dread because "you don't know what you don't know". What you DO KNOW that the legal side of business building is not to be taken lightly and you want a friend to do the heavy lifting with you. Freeing up your time to concentrate on the bits of your business which you love and which have the most impact. And helping you sleep better at night, safe in the knowledge that you're protecting and future proofing your business growth. 

Note: I am not a practising lawyer anymore, I operate purely as a business consultant. My service is commercially focussed, drawing upon my legal expertise to devise solutions, offer strategic advice, and identify risks and problems. Should you need specific legal advice as part of our journey together, I will refer you to one of my network of trusted practising lawyers for that purpose. 



Tell me what you need - let's see if I can deliver your solution



monthly retainer service



How it works

The RIGHT HAND WOMAN service is a retained service, meaning we agree a monthly budget and a portfolio of work and deliverables to fit within that.

Sometimes I offer fixed fee for a one-off project - perhaps if we need to trouble shoot and create a plan for future work. Or just to get you past a sticky problem quickly.

First things first, I need to find out about you, your business, what you need right now, and together we decide if I'm the right person to help you with that.

Book a call above and let's find out. 



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