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THE GREENHOUSE is my 4 month online group programme for ambitious women in business who want growth on solid foundations. We start the next live round on 18th September 2018 and there will be a maximum of 12 members in your group, working alongside you. It's a live, interactive programme, so many elements will evolve according to the exact needs of my members as we progress. I'll be bringing in experts, adding resources, dropping in training on issues which arise. But I've set out the fundamentals on this page so you can get a warm feeling about how it's going to work. For those of you who love the details - and don't forget you can ask me any remaining burning questions when you apply. It has to be right for you and you'll know that when we talk.

ONLINE: The GREENHOUSE programme takes place in a private online members-only space. It's a unique interactive programme where you take the time to be supported and step back to review your business to date. I'm going to be delivering my tried and tested Business Boost Roadmap, spread across 8 modules which form the pillars of foundational growth.

GROUP TRAINING: You will learn through weekly online training, followed by a live call with Q&A sessions, plus "Office Hours" where you get to ask me specific questions and fortnightly hot seat coaching.

1-to-1 COACHING : You also get a 1-to-1 coaching session with me in month 4 and a RTT mindset session with an external coach in month 3. 

PEER SUPPORT: THE GREENHOUSE is designed for entrepreneurs who have reached a certain level of success in their business and want to stop, take stock, check their foundations, before moving confidently forward to the next level. It's limited to a maximum of 12 members for each intake, to ensure that each member gets enough time to be properly supported by me through the programme. But the members are going to be experts in their own right, so this is the perfect place to collaborate, connect, contribute, participate. 

BUSINESS PLAN: The main tangible outcome of being in THE GREENHOUSE is about getting a robust plan for growth. Without this, we're meandering hopelessness from day to day. So many business owners are resistant to it - yet its an essential, not least if you want to get the bank or potential investors or funders on side. We'll get you kitted out with a plan you love, deeply rooted to grow to the next level, making sure you know where to go next (and why), and crystal clear on the step by step to get there.


  1. You'll get a private login to the members area, and all your training, documents, call replays will be made available for you week by week.
  2. There will be pre-work to do before the programme begins, asking you to complete my "Healthcheck" so you can analyse and deep-dive into your "as is" business model, and shining a light on specific challenges and issues which you're facing right now. 
  3. You will be invited into our private FB group. In here we will work as a peer group over the 4 months to share ideas, learnings, a-ha moments, challenge, celebrations. I'll be available to answer questions, and I'll be bringing in experts and running implementation exercises to sit alongside each module. It's interactive and participative, that's how we best learn. 
  4. There are 8 core modules to the programme, which we will work through together in weeks 3 to 10.
  5. In the first 2 weeks of the programme, we will be focussing on module 1 "Getting to know you" as we explore and share the "as is" of our individual businesses. Connection and collaboration is key. This programme is about learning from me, learning from yourself, and learning from others. And of course sharing what you know. Participation is so important and you will get out of the programme what you put in.
  6. For each module I will be releasing a weekly training module into the group. It will consist of a training video, with downloadable worksheets and instructions on how to apply the particular learning to you and your business. You do this in your own time, allow around 2 hours per week. 
  7. Each week, we will then have a live group Q&A session with time for hot-seat coaching and dealing with specific challenges. This means you get to ask me questions and get help in applying the learning as we go. The Q&A sessions will be recorded and you can submit questions in advance. Allow 1-2 hours for this each week. Replay will be available for anyone who can't make it live.
  8. In weeks 12-14 we will be working together to consolidate our learning and finalising individual plans for action and implementation. I will host live masterclasses so we can review individual plans and make sure everyone has reached a point of clarity. We'll be completing my Business Boost Roadmap framework and all aspects of your business model will be health checked.
  9. You can also book an hour 1-to-1 call with me in the last 3 weeks to get my eagle eyes on your personal plan and brainstorm it together. THE GREENHOUSE is about getting specific help not generic ideas. 
  10. In the final weeks we'll be reflecting, celebrating, doing some implementation, clearing away any remaining fears and doubts. There will be no opportunity for anyone to be left behind or have lingering issues. We'll have introduced simplicity and clarity to power forward. 

With your blueprint for action, growth and forward strategy. And a sense of excitement for the route ahead. 


If you've been in a group programme before, you'll know that reaching the end can be a bittersweet and emotional time! Fear not. I fully expect and plan for that day. So there will be an opportunity for you to graduate into a monthly membership group which means you can continue to work with me and your new business besties long after you graduate THE GREENHOUSE foundation programme.

Any future storms will be weathered by our retreating to the safety of THE GREENHOUSE again (and again) as and when we need it. 


Are you ready to turn up the heat?

You'll join me - Rachel Flower - and a carefully selected group of ambitious business owners. We're putting down roots to scale and grow - making sure that you  have the commercial foundations in place for solid growth and then creating a bespoke roadmap to get you to the next stage. 

I'm bringing you together to learn, to collaborate, to share, to be empowered and to grow. Powerful stuff.

We're not built to do this alone. 


This is a sheltered place for business owners with big hearts, big dreams and big determination. I've been in my Potting Shed for quite some time, carefully structuring the content of this 4-month online programme to bring together what we need. It's going to get you clarity and confidence for the next stage of your growth journey. Over the course of the 12 weeks we'll work steadily though my 8 core modules "The 8 Gs" - each an essential aspect of personal and business growth. You'll get support every step of the way and we're going to make sure that the foundations of your business are strong for your onward growth.


Business review, commitment to growth

Looking at all that is good and bad about entrepreneurship and lessons you've learnt to date. You'll also complete my Healthcheck and we'll dive into your current obstacles, what's worked and not worked and where the pain points are right now.  Making commitment to growth.


Performance, Strengths, Opportunities

Down and dirty, we review your business together. Clarity on your offerings, your pricing, your position in the market and paving the way for raving clients, customers, collaborators and revenue generation. We identify the strengths and the gaps, ready to take action. 


Your USP, story-telling and branding.

You are Genius, unique and craving more impact. Let's get clear on what makes you and your business special and how to showcase it. We'll put it front and centre because people buy from people and every product or service tells its own story. Through YOU and doing it your own way. 


Mindset & personal growth, bashing those fears.

Owning your genius can be hard. Fears, doubts and insecurities hold you back from growth. It's time to dig the weeds out and kill them off. We look at your challenges and how to address your mindset obstacles. You'll commit to action.


Tenacity and determination.

We'll explore the common barriers to growth for small businesses and how to overcome them. We'll learn tried and tested techniques and tools and simplify existing processes. We'll learn ways to get clever with your systems and processes to enable automation, allowing you to work smarter. 


Visibility and authentic selling.

As the business owner you need to be visible and your brand needs to be positioned correctly. We dive into your marketing strategy, social media strategy, customer journey, social proof, sales pipeline and lead generation. This is the sunshine for your future business growth. It's an ongoing journey to fall in love with.


Strategy, planning and process.

We embed goal-setting against your vision and implement a great planning system for consistent action. We're going to create a crystal clear route forward with the steps to get there. The key is to gain focus and clarity of direction, then discipline to keep moving forward. Without getting overwhelmed or falling over. 


All the numbers.

Save the best for last?! Well, every business needs to be profitable so let's get really hot on all our financial indicators and cut through the jargon. We'll plot out projections for trading. We'll get savvy on how to increase the value of your assets going forward and keeping your cash flow healthy and your tax liabilities on track.


Your investment to join The Greenhouse is just £1333 or 4 monthly payments of £333 (excluding VAT for UK people). We start this round on 18th September 2018 and it will complete on 31st January 2019. Let's get you into the warmth.


Is The Greenhouse right for me?

If you've read this far, then chances are you're a good fit for the programme. It's for established business owners only - which means you're already trading strongly and you want clarity on how to scale solidly to the next stage. You want to work with a "been there done it" mentor who is well grounded in business, commerce, law and an experienced coach (that'll be me). And you feel the time is right and you are committed to learning and growing and doing things the right way. Oh and you love to laugh and enjoy life. That bit's non negotiable.

How do I know if this is the right time?

Well, there is often no perfect time in business. But the most common mistake I see business owners make is being tied up working IN the business instead of ON the business. So if you're time poor right now because you're caught up in the hamster wheel, then you definitely need that space and place to step back. The programme resources will be available to you for a year after we finish, so remember this is an ongoing learning journey. You're embedding knowledge and habits for the next stage of powering up.

What time investment shall I make?

I would recommend  you prepare to set aside 4-6 hours per week for each of the 12 weeks. This is for live calls, self-study, reflection and planning. Think of it as a half-day per week in the CEO chair. Which btw you should already be doing, so that's one of the new habits we'll be creating going forward. In the month from 30th July to 31st August you will also have pre-work and preparation to do, at your own pace. 

What results can I expect?

The main focus of The Greenhouse is strategy and clarity. You will leave with a clear business plan (roadmap) for the next stage of growth and the confidence to deliver it. You get a 1-to-1 session with me in the final month of the programme so I can be certain you have the clarity you need. The training and know-how is focussed upon solid foundations so if you commit to the learning you will certainly acquire all the essential knowledge about how to run a legally compliant business and how to have strong foundations for your numbers, your marketing, your lead generation and your annual planning. Perhaps the most important result you can expect however is to feel empowered, supported, revitalised and energised with your business going forward. And have the certainty that you can overcome challenges in the future. The tangible results, after that, will be in your hands. I can't wait to hear about them though, because your success in my success. We'll do this together. 

Can I pay by instalments?

Yes there is an instalment option. 

Will you be opening The Greenhouse doors again?

Due to open again 1st November 2018. The programme continues to evolve so the structure and content may change, based on feedback and suggestions from the next intake. The price will be higher for future intakes though. 

Why should I choose The Greenhouse?

I'd be surprised if there is another programme out there offering the warmth and the depth of this one. I genuinely care about the success of every person I work with. This isn't just another programme to consume information where you risk ending up more confused and disheartened. It's a live programme, with direct contact to me, ongoing dialogue and connection so you get specific help on your challenges alongside detailed learning on how to increase your overall chances for success. I'm a seasoned entrepreneur and I'm bringing together the most powerful information and techniques as shortcuts for your success. Connection is my superpower, so anything I can't help with I'm certain to know someone who can. It's an opportunity for you to grow as a person as well as power your business up, so only come in if you're willing to do the work on yourself as well as on your business. 



What else do you need right now? My speciality is personal and business growth. I provide 1-to-1 coaching, VIP intensives (the "Flower Power Sessions") and a bespoke legal support service called "Right Hand Woman". I'm a speaker and trainer, and my consultancy Serenwood sorts out contracts and corporate documents for small businesses. Whatever your challenge right now, you can book a call with me for help to work out what the right next step is for you. I've been around in business a while now and if I can't help, I'll know someone who can. Connection is my superpower.


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