Running and growing a business is fun.

At least, it should be. 

The legal side of business is an essential thing to get sorted...because it can otherwise be the thing that trips you up or stops you from growing.

But many small business owners perceive it to be too expensive, complicated or difficult to get on top of the legal stuff. 

What if I said you could get your contracts sorted, and be educated on all the essential legal stuff, plus get access to a legal expert (that's me, by the way) to ask all your questions...for under £1000 and in less than 12 weeks? 

Time for Growth

(Doing it Your Way)

I’m Rachel Flower – qualified lawyer, entrepreneur and business owner, coach to smart business owners building committed to doing good in the world.

I want you to succeed in life and business, recognising that the two are intrinsically linked.

Above all, I don't want you to give up. So many small business owners are failing to succeed in building sustainable businesses. My mission is to help you get strategic, efficient, and commercially equipped for success. Building a business is no walk in the park, but with the right support, guidance and mindset you can have strong foundations for growth. 

After many years practising the law and working in big corporate, I became an entrepreneur so I could work flexibly around my two young girls. I built my consultancy business to multiple-six figures and helped hundreds of small businesses with their legal, commercial and strategic challenges. I love sharing my knowledge and expertise and I'm passionate about sustainable business. I'm steadfastly anti-hustle and I'm all about connection and relationships. My super-power is simplicity and coaching people to make courageous choices - to be the best versions of themselves.



The Root to Grow group programme is specifically for fledgling business owners who want to get their contract and commercial foundations bedded in strong for the year ahead. No more floundering around getting overwhelmed about "all the things I don't know". Empowering you with the essential information and a robust set of trading contracts so you can lead your  business with confidence. 



I'll be opening enrolment to the "Root to Grow" programme shortly. It's an exclusive programme for only 6 members at a time, so get on the waitlist. I'll be in touch when the application process is open. 


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